Hangar 9 3.1m 42% Sukhoi SU-26MM - Ken Velez

Ken Velez flying his 42% Hangar9 3.1m Sukhoi SU-26MM at the Canandaigua Sky Chiefs Fun Fly and Air Show 2013.

Aircraft Details:
Hangar 9 42% Sukhoi 26MM, (3.1m)
Desert Aircraft DA-150
MTW Canisters
Mejzlik 30X10 Carbon Prop
6 JR DS-8611A on wings 6 JR DS-8711 on tail surfaces
Tech Aero IBEC for ignition Power
Spectrum DX-8
JR 922 Power safe Rx
Dual Duralite 2300 mah A123 Batteries

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